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Energy efficiency and cost-effective operation are goals of both newly constructed and existing facilities alike. At WM Group, we're experts in boosting the performance and lowering the operating costs of already-installed chilled-water, steam and hot water heating systems as well as cogeneration and building MEPT systems. The system optimization modeling we do is some of the most sophisticated in the marketplace, yielding extremely effective results.

A WM Group strength is evaluating the correct use of generating technologies in combination with thermal technologies to achieve the most suitable application for each project. Finding the right mix of power generation and thermal use to gain the highest system efficiencies is critical in any successful combined heat and power/cogeneration system.

We have a track record of recommending improvements - often simple modifications - that achieve quick payback and benefit systems for years to come.

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Savings by Numbers
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Pumps Not Always Needed
WM Group recommended that nearly two dozen pumps be removed and 32 bypassed to optimize the chilled water system at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The change was expected to reduce pumping horsepower by 1,600 and save the center nearly $1 million in annual energy costs. The pumps are shown here after removal