Savings by the Numbers - WM Group Optimizes Performance

Take a look at these graphs (click each to enlarge) that reflect how WM Group has optimized utility system performance, raising efficiency and lowering unit costs for many of its clients. These graphs may be helpful reference points as you evaluate your own system's performance and savings potential. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you!

Louisville Medical Center

WM Group's 20-year vision for growth at Louisville Medical Center has resulted in a 50 percent reduction in the unit cost of chilled water while total campus production has tripled.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A simple operational modification at MIT improved their chiller efficiency by 20 percent.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center

WM Group's cogeneration analysis for this NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital medical center earned approval from Con Edison to install a new plant.

Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex

Improvements at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex have increased the chilled-water delta T from an old range of between 6 F and 7 F to a new range between 12 F and 19 F.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

New control logic on an air handler at Bristol-Myers Squibb resulted in an average 89 percent improvement in chilled-water delta T compared to an identical air handler using the old control logic.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia Medical Center

Performing a minor modification, at this NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital facility, to the chilled-water system control sequence resulted in an immediate demand reduction of 650 kW.

South Nassau Communities Hospital

A change in the control sequence at South Nassau Communities Hospital increased the chilled-water return temperature from 47 F to 52 F, doubling the chilled-water delta T.