Hemant Mehta Receives IDEA's Person-of-the-Year Award

On June 4, the International District Energy Association named Hemant R. Mehta of WM Group the association’s “person-of-the-year” for 2013. Known as the Norman R. Taylor Award, it is the highest distinction IDEA can confer on an individual.First awarded in 1986, the honor is given annually to an individual who has achieved professional success and made significant long-term contributions to the association and the district energy/CHP industry.

Mehta has been an IDEA member for 33 years. He reflects the essence of IDEA, always asking, “How can I serve? What can I do to help?”

He is a registered professional engineer and is considered an expert in utility master planning. He has extensive experience optimizing the performance and improving the efficiencies of existing utility plants. Mehta’s recommendations have saved facilities millions of dollars in capital and operating costs. He has managed more than 100 central utility projects throughout the world during his 35-plus-year career.

Mehta began his career at Syska Hennesey, where he established the firm’s Central Utilities Group. He and a partner spun off to form WM Group Engineers, commenly referred as WM Group in 2000. He continues as part owner of WM Group, specializing in the planning, design and commissioning of district energy and CHP systems. He is dedicated to providing clients with direct access to his expertise. His clients include prominent universities and some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

See IDEA's news release on the award.