Fiona Stanley Hospital

Central Energy Plant configuration Study
Murdoch, Australia

Project cost 
$1.4 billion total estimated construction cost
Time frame 

Project award - August 2007
Configuration study completed - November 2007
Central energy plant construction to be completed - Summer 2013

Practice areas involved 
District cooling systems
District heating systems
Cogeneration/combined heat and power (CHP)
Key services provided 
The challenge 

The Fiona Stanley Hospital is a new state-of-the art hospital to be constructed by 2013 in Murdoch, Australia, approximately 9 miles south of Perth. As Western Australia's flagship health facility and major trauma center, the 2.15 million-sq-ft hospital will be required to operate in post-disaster conditions. WM Group was chosen to study central energy plant configuration options - to include cooling, heating, thermal storage, power and cogeneration - and recommend a configuration and a plan to implement it that would both ensure secure energy supply and address environmental concerns.

The smart solution 

In August 2007, WM Group began its analysis of various combinations of central energy plant equipment configurations, taking into consideration environmental and permitting issues. To ensure the reliability and availability of this critical facility's energy supply, the study included a minimum equipment redundancy requirement of N+1 and the potential operation of the hospital in ‘island mode.' WM Group produced a detailed study of the various options, ultimately recommending a configuration that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 44 percent compared to the base plant configuration.

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