Design - WM Group

WM Group puts its ingenuity to work with fresh, out-of-the-box thinking on every project - no ‘cookie-cutter' designs. Collaborating closely with all parties involved in a project team - from system or building owners and operators to architects and contractors - we produce custom designs, often right on site, to meet each project's unique requirements. Our design documents are shop-drawing quality and exceptionally detailed, allowing construction to proceed right from bid documents - facilitating fast-track schedules and savings clients money. At Yale University, for example, a $12 million project was completed with just $3,000 in extra costs.

Our design services encompass

  • district heating and district cooling systems: chiller and boiler installation, high-temperature hot water generators and distribution networks
  • cogeneration systems and electrical distribution
  • building mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology systems, including HVAC, sprinklers and standpipe, fire alarms, security, lighting and power, life safety
  • LEED®-certified green buildings

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